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What is the use of PAN card?

PAN card is the most commonly used formal document. PAN card is a very important document Which has to be submitted for income tax return, opening a bank account, car or property etc. A person can apply for PAN card online, offline. PAN card applicants can apply for PAN card through the official website of NSDL, UTIITSL. They can also download easily.

What is PAN Card?

1. PAN is the short form of Permanent Account Number. Which is an alphanumeric, 10-digit unique number issued to every taxpayer by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India.
2. Each PAN number is different for each individual.
3. PAN card is used as a proof of address and identity of persons residing in the country.
4. A PAN card is a plastic card containing the name of the holder of the PAN card, date of birth, photograph and PAN number.
5. PAN number is valid for life. Because it is not affected by any change in address or job profile.
6. PAN number records the financial activities of an individual and is an integral part of all forms of payments.

Download PAN Card Application Form PDF

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