How to Register for COVID Vaccine between 15-18?

The CoWIN platform provides every citizen the facility of conveniently and safely prebooking vaccination appointments. All government and private vaccination centers also provide onsite registration facility, available both for individuals as well as groups of individuals, for which detailed procedure have been finalized and published by States/UTs, in order to minimize any inconvenience to citizens.

Keeping in view the recent global surge of COVID-19 cases, detection of Omicron variant which has been categorized as a Variant of Concern (VOC), scientific evidence, global practices and the inputs/suggestions of ‘COVID-19 Working Group of National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI)’ as well as of ‘Standing Technical Scientific Committee (STSC)’ of NTAGI it has now been decided to further refine the scientific prioritization & coverage of COVID-19 vaccination as follows:

  1. COVID-19 Vaccination of children in the age-group of 15-18 years to be started from 3rd January 2022. For such beneficiaries, vaccination option would be “Covaxin” only.
  2. As a matter of abundant precaution, for those Health Care Workers (HCWs) & Front Line Workers (FLWs) who have received two doses, another dose of COVID-19 vaccine would be provided from 10th January 2022. The prioritization and sequencing of this precaution dose would be based on the completion of 9
    months i.e. 39 weeks from the date of administration of 2nd dose.
  3. All persons aged 60 years and above with comorbidities who have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, will on Doctor’s advice be provided with a precaution dose from 10th January 2022. The prioritization and sequencing of this precaution dose would be based on the completion of 9 months i.e. 39 weeks from the date of administration of second dose.

All citizens irrespective of their income status are entitled to free COVID-19 vaccination at Govt. Vaccination Centres. Those who have the ability to pay are encouraged to use Private Hospitals’ Vaccination Centres.

How to Register for COVID Vaccine below18?

  • Go to
  • Click on Book Vaccination Slot under Vaccination Services.
Book Vaccination Below 18  registration below 18
  • Enter your mobile number and click on Get OTP.
covid vaccine registration by mobile otp
  • Enter OTP and click on Verify and Proceed button.
vaccine otp verification below 18
  • After that click on Add Member Or Register Member button.
  • Fill the details like Name, Gender, Year of Birth, Photo ID Proof, Photo Id Number ect.
fill registration for cowin  below 18
  • Click On Register button.
  • Now Your Registration is successfully completed.

Co-WIN Features and Provisions-

  1. HCWs, FLWs and Citizens 60+ with co-morbidities:
    a. All HCWs, FLWs and citizens aged 60 years or above with comorbidities will be able to access the vaccination for precaution dose through their existing Co-WIN account.
    b. Eligibility of such beneficiaries for the precaution dose will be based on the date of administration of 2nd dose as recorded in the Co-WIN system.
    c. Co-WIN system will send SMS to such beneficiaries for availing the precaution dose when the dose becomes due.
    d. Registration and appointment services can be accessed through both, the online and the onsite modes.
    e. The details of administration of the precaution dose will be suitably reflected in the vaccination certificates.
  2. New beneficiaries aged 15-18 years:
    a. All those aged 15 years or more will be able to register on Co-WIN. In other worlds, all those whose birth year is 2007 or before, shall be eligible.
    b. Beneficiaries can self-register, online through an existing account on Co-WIN or can also register by creating a new account through a unique mobile number, this facility is available for all eligible citizens presently.
    c. Such beneficiaries can also be registered onsite by the verifier/vaccinator in facilitated registration mode.
    d. Appointments can be booked online or onsite (walk-in).
    e. For such beneficiaries, option for vaccination would only be available for Covaxin as this is the only vaccine with EUL for the age-group 15-18.

These Guidelines will come into effect from 3rd January 2022 & will be reviewed
from time to time.

Covid -19 Vaccination Registration Guidlines –

  • All communications and reminders are sent to your Registered Mobile Number. Please make sure that the mobile number used for registration is active.
  • One registration per person is sufficient. Please do not register with multiple mobile numbers or different Photo ID Proofs for same individual.
  • It is not necessary that the mobile number used for registration belongs to the beneficiary. Up to 4 people can be registered with the same mobile number.
  • Scheduling of Second dose should be done from the same account (same mobile number) from which the first dose has been taken, for generation of final certificate. Separate registration for second dose is not necessary and would lead to two first dose certificates.
  • Please carry the registered mobile phone and the requisite documents, including appointment slip, the Photo ID card used for registration, Employment Certificate (HCW/FLW), university offer letter/job offer letter/official nomination order etc. if you are undertaking international travel, PASSPORT in case you are a foreign national or are undertaking foreign travel etc., while visiting the vaccination center, for verification at the time of vaccination.
  • The system will display vaccination slots only for the vaccines for which you are eligible. The slots availability is displayed in the search (on district, pincode or map) based on the schedule populated by the DIOs (for Government Vaccination Centers) and private hospitals for their vaccination centers.
  • The vaccination schedule published by DIOs and private hospitals displays the list of vaccination centers with the following information–
    • The vaccine type.
    • The age group (15+/18+ etc.).
    • The number of slots available for Dose 1, Dose 2 and Precaution Dose.
    • Whether the service is Free or Paid (Vaccination is free of cost at all the Government Vaccination Centers).
    • Per dose price charged by a private hospital.
  • If you are seeking 1st dose vaccination, the system will show you only the available slots for dose 1. Similarly, if you are due for 2nd dose, the system will show you the available slots for dose 2 after the minimum period from the date of 1st dose vaccination has elapsed.
  • You would be eligible for a Precaution Dose if the following conditions are met–
    • If you are registered as a Health Care Worker (HWC) or a Front Line Worker (FLW) or a citizen aged 60 years or more; and
    • You are already fully vaccinated as per the vaccination details recorded on Co-WIN; and
    • At least 39 weeks have passed after administration of your full vaccination. The due date of Precaution Dose will be displayed on the dashboard in your account.
  • If you are eligible for the Precaution Dose, the system will show you the slots for Precaution Dose in the Appointments Module.
  • All vaccination sessions published by the DIOs and the Private CVCs for online booking, are now published at 8:00 am, 12:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.
  • Co-WIN provides the feature of On-site/Walk-in registration and appointments at all vaccination centers. Please directly contact the vaccination center for availability.
  • Once a session has been published by the DIO/ private hospital, the session now cannot be cancelled. However, the session may be rescheduled. In case you have booked an appointment in any such vaccination session that is rescheduled for any reason, your appointment will also be automatically rescheduled accordingly. You will receive a confirmation SMS in this regard. On such rescheduling, you would still have the option of cancelling or further rescheduling such appointment.
  • You can now get the errors in your vaccination certificate rectified through the “Raise an Issue” Tab in your beneficiary dashboard. For details please click here.
  • Your data is kept secure and is managed as per the Co-WIN Privacy Policy.

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